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Looking for that hard to find item. Call us. From AC flanged flush mount power inlets, Rock N Roller Multicarts, Stage/Gaffers Tape, Gear Bears, Speaker Bags, Rail Rails, Blank Panels, Adjustable Tables, Headphones, RF Modulators, Hum Eliminators, Adaptors and Gender Changes, Power Strip Liberators, 9V Batteries and even packing blankets to protect your gear in transit if you need it chances are we carry it.

New and just in. Cable Pass Stage tape. 4" rolls. This tape  is stage tape on the edges and the center has a non-sticky area for your cables.  List Price is $29.95
Catalog is $19.95  Special Web Price of $17.95 or a case of 12 for $199.00

We can sell you a 12 pack of Duracell Pro 9V Batteries for less than you'll pay at Costco for the standard version.
Our Price $1.29 each or 12 pack for $15.

The World's Most Innovative Moving Machines

The patented Rock N Roller Multi-Carts ingeniously change shape and length to carry huge amounts of equipment yet fold small for storage. They instantly transform into any of 8 configurations replacing the need for 8 different carts. The revolutionary design results in a moving machine that is very lightweight, rugged, affordable, and ergonomically efficient. Designed for professionals where speed and efficiency is crucial, RnR’s can reduce time and effort moving equipment by 50%. They are specifically designed to work with vehicles and airlines. 5 models are available to fit the needs of every musician, DJ, soundman, or photo/video professional.
Rock N Roller Multi-Carts are the #1 selling carts or dollies in the history of the music industry and now used by major TV networks, news crews, professional sports teams, major corporations and thousands more.
5 models available starting from under 100 bucks.

Littlites. Full line of all the Littlite products.

American Audio HP-500 Headphones.
• Comfortable, sturdy high powered headphones
• Flexable housing design allows for double or single ear monitoring; folds up for easy transport
• Replaceable earpads–No need to replace entire headphones when earpads wear and crack. Simply replace the earpad.
• Input: Mini plug with screw on 1/4” adapter
• Speaker drivers: 57mm

List Price $ 69.95  Our Price $ 49.99

Power Strip Liberator Single
Short 1 foot Black Extension Cord to Liberate the that Power Strip.
List $ 4.99  Our Price $ 2.99

Power Strip Liberator Y
Plug twice as many power adapters into your powerstrips with our Y-Splitter Liberator! Why add expensive additional outlets or powerstrips to your configuration when low current draw power adapters can easily be "doubled up" and connected to one power outlet with our inexpensive adapter?
List $ 7.99 Our Price $ 3.99


DigDJ customers can now protect their gear with Professional Packing Pads. These retail for $39.95 each and you can buy them here for only $17.95 or buy 2 for the special price of  $30.00

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