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Print PCDJ Recordcase 


       This walk thru is using Excel in Office 2000. If you have Office 98 it may have some slight differences but you should be able to figure it out.


1.              Start Excel.

2.              From the Data Menu choose Import External data and select Import Data.

3.              Use the drop down on “look in” and go to the PCDJ Recordcase folder and select Group.

4.              Make the “Files of Type” “all Files”. This should now bring up a list of all your main groups. (ini. Files)

5.              Select the Group you want to print and open. The text import wizard will open

6.              Make sure the Delimiters button is checked and hit next.

7.              In the Delimiters section check mark Semicolon & uncheck Tab.

8.              All the columns will be selected as General. Highlight and skip the ones you don’t want to import.

9.              Click Finish and put in existing Work Sheet.

10.        You should now see all of your information in the spread sheet and can manipulate this any way you would like.

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