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IT'S YOUR CHOICE..........A DigDJ.com system or !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Not our System)

Basic Case and Computer System

CEO Internet Special

List Price   $5495.  Our Price   $2995. List Price $6495.   Our Price $3995.
Includes PCDJ Red, Triple Deck Combo Case in Black or Grey, Lightweight Shuttle Case Computer, 120 GB HD, 512 DDR, AMD Athlon 2600+, CDRW, Soundcard On-board, USB 2.0, Keyboard, Optical Mouse, 17" LCD Flat Panel Monitor.. Includes list to the left but upgraded to a 2U Rack Mount Server Case,  Plextor CDRW, PCDJ FX with KJ, 17" Flat Panel, American DJ Q-Spand or Numark 200FX Mixer, Littlite Gooseneck Lamp, Maya 44  Pro Sound Card, Dual out Video Card and more.......

We build custom systems to your spec's, computer prices, memory and etc... change daily. We can configure a system to meet your needs and your budget.