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Warranty and Return Policy 

Hard Drives have a Standard Warranty Period of one (1) year. CPU’s have a Standard Warranty Period of one (1) year. Motherboard’s have a Standard Warranty Period of one (1) year.
Warranty void for user removing serial number sticker on the motherboard

Because we custom build systems to your specs all sales are final. We pass on all manufactures warranties on each product. Most products we sell have a 1 year or up to 3 years limited warranty. It a specific product (ie…mixer, microphone etc…) is found to be defective in the first 30 days we will replace it. After 30 days the warranty would be handled between the manufacture and you.

Unfortunately, the following items are non-returnable for refund or exchange due to manufacturer's policies: Software, Retail Boxed Processors, Notebooks, Blank Media Cartridges, Printer Cartridges, Minolta, QMS, Cisco, IBM, Sony, Intel, Tektronix, NEC and Hewlett Packard products. Although we are unable to accept returns on the above items, the direct manufacturer will be happy to assist you with any necessary replacements.

How long will it take before it ships?

We do request one business day for all items that are in stock (not including assembled and tested motherboard bundles, barebones or custom built systems). It is possible that your order may ship the same day, if it is received before 12:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, however it is not a guarantee. DIGDJ will do it's very best to ensure the quickest possible processing of every order. You may experience delays if there are any problems with the processing or verification of your billing address or credit card information. Please keep in mind that we do not process orders on weekends or observed holidays.

When do you charge my credit card?

Your credit card will be charged immediately upon receipt of your order, so that we can begin immediate processing of your order.

What if my product is on back order?

Any items that are unavailable will be placed on back order, and the remainder of your order will be shipped. Please check our web site for the back ordered item's estimated time of arrival. Please note that these dates are estimates, and are not guaranteed to arrive on that date. Your product(s) will be promptly shipped as soon as the product arrives. No additional shipping fees will be charged. Your account will be charged for the entire order, so that DIGDJ.COM can reserve the product for you. If this is not acceptable, you are more than welcome to cancel the order, and request an immediate credit.

How can I cancel an order?

You may request a cancellation of your order, provided your order has not already been processed and shipped. Please send your cancellation request, with invoice number. We will do our very best to cancel the order, and will send a confirmation upon cancellation.

Do you charge sales tax?

Sales tax is only required for orders shipping with our resident state. Therefore, all orders shipping within California will be charged the applicable sales tax according to your county.

Tech Support?

Live Phone Tech Support is only available for the first 30 days if you purchase a complete system and is limited to a maximum of 2 hours. Unlimited e-mail support is always available. Most problems are a result of not reading the walk-thru's or following the user's/ owners  manual. We can provide answers to most questions though e-mail and/or outside resources that are available to you for free. If you still prefer to talk to a live support staff and you have an issue we are able to help you with have your credit card ready. Phone support is $100.00 per hour and billable in 15 minute increments. Minimum of $25.00 for first 15 minutes or any portion thereof.